Bee Smith

Writer of Poetry, Creative Non-fiction and Short fiction

Bee Smith | Droimín Creative

Bee Smith

Born in the USA, Bee lived in England for 14 years before settling with her Northern Irish husband on an acre and a quarter in West Cavan. 

A writer since childhood, the Cavan soil provided good nurture for a mid-life creative flourishing. She and Helen Shay created the poetry co-collection Nebula, and a haiku conversation, Just Three Lines, was co-authoried with her USA-based sister, Pamela A. Smith.

Haiku appears in the Irish anthology Bamboo Dreams and USA’s Brigit: Sun of Womanhood. Individual poems have appeared online on various sites, in UK poetry publications such as Magma, Writing Women and The Friend; Ireland’s The sHop, Stony Thursday, Skylight 47. Short fiction has been published in Crannog and Caterpillar.

Non-fiction has been published in USA based Sagewoman and UK’s Mslexia.  Bee is the author of an e-book of poetry Brigid’s Way: Reflections on the Celtic Divine Feminine. Bee in on the Irish Arts Council’s panel of Writers in Prisons and teaches creative writing as Word Alchemy

The blackbird moves in and out of mist I remember my late father.